About Us

The mission of VLM is to share the Vincentian charism with young adult Catholic men and women and to help foster systemic change in communities in Ethiopia and Kenya. Since 2005, 72 VLM have worked in seven communities in Ethiopia and Kenya.






VLM are men and women ages 21-35 who feel called to spend 4-6 weeks serving the poor while working alongside the Daughters of Charity in Africa. VLM live with or near the Daughters of Charity or the Vincentian Priests at all sites.

Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and possess many talents. VLM are teachers, college and graduate students, school administrators, social workers, engineers, non-profit directors, professors, lawyers, and nurses who feel called to serve the poor in the spirit of Saints Vincent DePaul and Louise de Marillac.

Many VLM have also participated in other post-graduate service programs including the Vincentian Service Corps, Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), Gateway Vincentian Volunteers, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers, Teach for America, and the Peace Corps.

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Vincentian Values

VLM is a Vincentian service program. VLM work closely with the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity, and priests from the Congregation of the Mission. Vincentian spirituality is at the heart of the program.

What does it mean to be “Vincentian?”

  • Vincentians believe in creating lasting, systemic change.
  • Vincentians live in solidarity with the people they serve, and they listen to the needs of the poor.
  • Vincentians promote peace and dignity.
  • Vincentians live simply, but with a zeal for justice.
  • VLM serve with sisters and priests and live in the communities in which they work.
  • Reflection is key. VLM participate in daily reflections while working abroad.

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