Watch Kiio video

Kiio is a rural site located approximately 3 hours from Nairobi. In Kiio, VLM facilitate a camp for children during the morning and afternoon. There may also be opportunities for VLM to work as English teachers for local secondary school students. Kiio is located in an area of Kenya that is experiencing terrible drought and famine. The camp provides a highlight for local children who would otherwise spend their days searching for water. In Kiio, volunteers live with the Daughters of Charity and will also be in close proximity to the people they serve.

“I do not know how to put the work I did here into words. The work was more than just running a summer camp. Our ministry can be more clearly defined as a labor of love. It is easy to say that my work here was playing sports with children, painting, coloring, and singing songs but that would only hit the surface. Throughout the three weeks I came to love the children way more than I imagined I would.”