VLM have been working in Thigio since 2007. Thigio is a small town located approximately 45 minutes from Nairobi.It rests in the foothills overlooking the Rift Valley. In Thigio, VLM facilitate a camp for children ages 6-16. The camp is held in the mornings for the younger children and there are also sessions for the older children in the afternoon. Children travel from all over the surrounding area to attend camp. The climate is also mostly cool and dry in August.

“When I arrived in Kenya I instantly fell in love with the immensely rich culture and the beautiful people. As a recent college graduate I knew my experience would be eye-opening but I also knew that I had a lot to learn about the way the world worked. I left Kenya feeling humble to both the beauty of the people and the land and also with a new understanding of the complexities of the world.”